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USC | All The Kings Men

Summer camp is almost here. Staffing changes made by Helton/Swann are behind us. Chaos has settled down on campus albeit the media would love to see that turn up a tad. The heat on Swann and Helton after the 5-7 season with all that talent is now a state of Missouri discussion. They got their redo. They have the talent and the solidifying of their core staff and recruiting support. So do we now have a staff combined with talent that has all the kings men ready to do battle in the Pac-12 conference and beyond?

USC Trojan football is off the radar. They fell and to most have not gotten up given the leadership at the highest level of athletics is still in place and is gaining strength. Now they must prove that their commitment to each other (Helton/Swann) will pay off in front of the worlds stage of College Football and our beloved media and fandbase.

No do-overs after 2019 as this is it. You don’t get to finish second with this level of talent at this place in the king of games college football. So are all the kings men ready for the challenge. Did we see and hear of anything that leads one to believe that this time it will be different. This time the Helton Era will return to strength as it had under the leadership of Sam Darnold at QB. This staff has nothing to lose. The potential in 2019 is at an all-time high. No reason to expect excellence if you are the normal non USC fan or reporter. This one is in the tank so this staff has tremendous upside.

They have a good schedule to prove themselves. They must make improvement during the game not after the game on the post game I’m sorry interviews. Helton has to show that he can pivot and that his next move is well thought out and planned. Helton has to trust in his staff and let them bring out the best in this level of talent. If you are wondering what Im thinking well I believe after 60 years of following the Trojans that we will see another 10 win season. A return to the championship game for the PAC-12 and the ability to make the playoffs but if our losses in-season are not against Top 10 ranked teams it will be a big challenge with more than 1 loss. It’s hard to trust Helton as we have seen him in the big games post Sam and it hasn’t turned out well. For Helton to succeed he has to stop listening to those whispers in his ear during game time to take over and call the next play or plays. He must allow his staff to fail because one never knows they might just succeed.

Huddle Up Trojans!

Fight On!

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