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USC | Back To The Future

When I think about the USC Trojan Football team today and even so far as the 2019 season it’s a little bit of “Back to the Future”. That crazy professor who figured out how to time travel and had just the right bright young mind to partner his invention with. The Trojans need to go back to their legacy in many areas. I feal like Clancy has the defense poised to do just that. My concern is with Harrell’s new high octane offense. Not sure if it is the right statement that the offense needs to be successful. The PAC-12 is well the Pac-12. You can win the PAC-12 and not make the playoffs. Why you ask? Because the PAC-12 is a wanna-be Power 5 school. But not too long ago USC defined Power 5.

The Trojan teams of yesteryear dominated the trenches. They took kickoffs and made the kicking team pay through punishing hits that would never back off. The defense was flying all over the field of battle and creating fear in the oppositions huddle. Oh, a huddle you ask? A huddle is an ancient ritual where the QB on offense and the captain of the Defense would bring their lads in to a huddle and not only call the next play but put the fear of God in to that huddle to raise the temprature as needed. Oh for yesteryear.

The teams that show up on Saturday and yes Friday nights must leave those games feeling like their practice week was tougher. They were fierce warriors entering the tunnels of today’s stadiums. Back to the future. Creating a rumble that the opposition can hear coming but still can’t see the team as it intensifies. The warm-up is intense. It’s loud. Everything that is done is at a crisp and physical intensity so that when that whistle blows the opposition is anywhere but the field of play. They want out. The Trojans must go back to this and the only way that happens is if Clay Helton truly lets go of all sides of the offense the defense and special teams. Let the coaches earn their checks. Players will get hurt. It’s football for crying out loud.

FightOn and turn up the volume!

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