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USC | Fix The Edge

The USC Trojans have an amazing collection of talent and they can play on any stage skill wise. But one glaring obstacle to winning the Pac-12 South and Pac-12 Championship is their odd approach on defense to containing the edge. This is a good team that has yet to change it’s approach even when it’s obvious that they have not been able to handle a scrambling QB or worse the edge rush in general. This is unacceptable for a Power 5 team claiming to be a competitor with a Defensive Coordinator that has been in the program for years, Clancy Pendergast. Failure to change your approach to any deficiency is like placing yourself as a ward of the courts and placed in an institution. Every week we see the same thing. I don’t need to say anymore than that. Its right there on the screen and if this Staff truly watches TAPE post game they would see it. Right? Ok maybe not this staff.

Going in to the Arizona game this team is going to get served up with a ton of QB reads and Khalil Tate is smiling at the tape he is being shown. All this talent and they can’t come up with a game plan to contain a scrambling QB or edge penetrating running attack? Where did I put my tape? It’s right there.

One of the areas that I felt good about was the defensive front 7. W have had our share of injuries. We seem to have a lot in that area. But this group was looking pretty good. So I go back and try to figure out why is this group not dominating. Why are they not improving week after week? All roads lead to Clancy Pendergast and although he sounded like change was in the air he really enjoys his bend don’t break approach. I say thats a bunch of crap. It gasses your players as they don’t get off the field and rest. They have to handle long drives and they have had their day occasionally but the consistency is lacking. The development is missing in my opinion. Oh Hell, just watch the tape.

My concern this week is that the defense won’t be able to shut down Khalil Tate. I think he has had this game circled for some time. On the other hand, the Trojans are in the drivers seat. They are at home where they play much better. Not great but better. Vegas has them as favorites against the 4-2 Wildcats. Is it time to bet against the home team? I for one can’t bet against the team I follow. The Trojans have been in my family for over 70 years so I will always bet on my team. Just the way it is as this is a way of life when it comes to an individual Team. Doesn’t make any sense at all but it is what it is.

Clay Helton has very few yards left in his runway. He really should cancel all public appearances as they never change outside of rehab island updates. Happy Friday everyone.

Fight On Beat Arizona.

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