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USC Football 2019 | New Kids

The new kids on the block this spring and fall season have an amazing opportunity.  Not since the great depression of the NCAA sanctions has the USC Football program been this challenged.  The fans and donors to the program want to hear from Heritage Hall yet crickets is all we get.  The Athletic Director continues to place himself and his ego above all.  So, what is there to look forward to?  Why would talented young men and their families support what appears to be a program in disarray?

Opportunity is knocking on the door for the new kids on the block.  Never again (hopefully) will we see this program at USC under this type of mismanagement.  But how would a top high school player convince themselves and their family that this storied football school will bounce back.  It’s quite simple.  They are the solution.  They are the opportunity. Odds are that the staff issues will get resolved over a 3-4 year period.  Incoming dedicated players will see the field and last year was a great example.  Yes, some was injury driven but they got on the field of play regardless and most showed great promise. This leads the staff to ease that pressure on playing true freshmen and let them show their talent on the field of battle.

Sometimes things just work out.  This USC Football team is extremely talented.  Lots of moves need to take place as they right the ship.  The program is not going away and lets not forget the value of that diploma either. There is a tight community that takes care of graduating USC Trojan family.  That is always going to be the case.

So, while the administration finds a new President and then that person begins the difficult task of personnel evaluations the players will take the field this spring (early arrivals).  Players will start that long trek to get physically and mentally ready for the 2019 opening game and season.  Thats a fact.  That cannot be taken away.  If you were an incoming Freshmen football candidate and thinking about playing time this is your opportunity.  Earn it in the spring and win it in the fall camp.  Put in the hours.  Get acclimated to the difficult transition to the college campus from the High School environment and stay focused.

Ball is in your hands Freshmen and Sophomores.

Fight On!

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