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USC Football | 2020 Game Week

Finally, it’s the week of game one for the USC Trojans and the PAC-12 conference. Never thought I’d be typing this given our challenges with COVID-19 thats for sure. But here we are. Fairly good first opponent if you believe all the talking heads who either guess right or wrong every week. ASU should be a good test but it’s also a season ending loss for the loser. Wow, game one and end of season to the loser. That’s how bad this year is. The coaches know this but do the fully get that message across to the players? These kids want to play but will the play at a level where they literally win it coming out of the tunnel with that killer look in their eyes? Thats my big ask for this team. Will the staff get this team ready before they flip the coin?

Anticipating the start of this odd season is huge. We have all, at some point or another, wondered whether we would have a Sunday first game week thought. But here we are. Kedon Slovis round 2 and I for one am excited to see this amazing true sophomore take that first snap. He is loaded with moxie. At times maybe waited too long with the ball and took some hits that he has to avoid now. Will his O Line be ready and up to the task? What has Graham Harrell done to take Kedon’s game to the next level and stay upright?

Then we switch to Coach Orlando. Orlando has the good fortune of taking a program that was so complicated that the opposition had a play by play advantage as our kids looked confused at times during the Clancy P tenure. Orlando has that tone that he is going athletic. That this defense is going to attack. If true, hype is what it is at USC, then this will also help Slovis in practice. He has to be up against the type of pressure that a defense that attacks can bring.

Special teams coach Sean Snyder. I’m expecting great things here. I have chatted with Coach via Twitter at times and he is a breath of fresh air and sorely needed 2-3 years ago. I’m excited to see his influence on the field. While is humble as anyone I know he leaves you with that subtle confidence that Ben’s practice punting will emerge this year during the games!

So, have fun this Friday. Get up early. Game time is 9:00am PST Saturday and of course no fans will be present so we will have to watch from the comfort of our COVID prison cells.

We have over 50 Players from 2019 in our #GAMEDAY contest that have not entered scores for this weeks game. The prize pool is set. The top 3 predictors will be awarded the prizes. If you miss a week you are out. The game locks each game day 30 minutes prior to the scheduled kickoff time so don’t be locked out. Predict the whole season in advance as then you can be automatically eligible and edit each week prior to the lock down.

Go Here:

  1. Register or Log In

  2. Click on the Game Day menu at the top

  3. Enter your scores for the games

Come back 30 mins prior to kickoff to see your predictions against your competition and follow along twitter at @Trojan24x7USC to see updates or check back online at the site to see the updated group standings live in the game-day menu.

Fight On! Beat the Sun Devils


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