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USC Football | 2020 Is

On again off again comes to mind. The Football season whether Pro or College level let alone High School really doesn’t have a clue. There is so much media driven misinformation going around it’s no secret as to why there is confusion and lack of clarity. Imagine being a University President and or Athletic Director and you had to make these type of real-time decisions. Who would you trust and in so. doing how would you message that to the players and families let alone the entire population of your campus. I have not been focused deeply on the upcoming season as every time I try to envision what is this season going to look l like there is no where to turn to get clarity.

Im not complaining but wouldn’t the world be better off if the News did their job before tweeting or facebooking out without fact finding? Seems like Journalism is a lost art today. Has been for years sadly. Gone are the legends and say hello to my world and welcome to it reporting. Forget the facts. Forget the harm caused by the type of journalism we are seeing today. Our enemies are saving vast amount of money and future investment in defeating America as we are doing it to ourselves.

The biggest winner in all of this sadly is Clay Helton. He has done a good job this year in staying out of the media. Smart move. He and Bohn have put together what appears to be a strong staff. Resources were pouring into Heritage Hall from the back office to the Branding of the football program. So Clay had it all starting to open up to a good year for he and his staff. Then COVID-19 really took hold on college football. Conference leaders began announcing the closure of their leagues to the outside. Not all but many. Pac-12 is no longer playing outside of the conference officially. So here is where Clay is a big winner. Imagine not having to face the music in Arlington with the Tide. Or playing Notre Dame whom they have struggled with Clay. All he has to do is navigate the weak South and then battle it out with the North winner. For what ? No one really knows. How can they choose 4 Top Playoff teams given all that is going on. Surely the NCAA has to rethink everything and they are.

I can’t see a playoff of less than 8 teams. Speaking of the Power 5 of course. With 8 teams you have a decent shot of getting it right. If you can really define getting it right of course. No pansies for the conferences to load up on. Maybe even common rules of how many conference games each school must play. Now that makes things interesting.

Here at we want whats best for the athletes, students and families. The staff must be protected given all the uncertainties but given the horrible display of “data” by the media this has become more perplexing than a vaccine… day soon.

Fight On!

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