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USC Football | Abandoned By Folt

When a blue blood program like USC Football is abandoned by the highest ranking administrator for the University well that’s it. Nothing will fix this ship that has a captain seeking the iceberg. One has to wonder, based on all the evidence against coach Helton, whether or not AD Bohn and President C. Folt are capable of hiring and managing the existing staff. The performance at 13-11 in the past 2 years clearly show a pattern of zero Mastery of the role. In fact, the program has sunk to new lows in categories that used to be dominant. Oh well, the new normal of USC Football and the School itself is being lead by incompetent professionals so sit back and hopefully the BOT will do their job and fix this in 2-3 years when they decide to STOP writing checks to pay off the beautiful renovations of the Coliseum.

I wonder if they wish they had just updated the bathrooms. That would have really been a winner on the Reno Project of the Coliseum as most fans spend a majority of their time there so as not to stomach the continuous mis management of the Trojan Football team. Now the president is pointing fingers at the fans like this blog for causing recruits to hesitate. Nicely done, Carol. Mike Bohn uses the same statement and makes sure to dot and cross his letters.

When a school such as USC abandons the level of expectations to dominate the world of college football well that’s the beginning of the end. The sea of top notch talent in Southern California have plenty of options and as we have seen they pick up their bag and head to the ACC or SEC or Big 12 anywhere but USC. So, if they are leaving the program with lower ranked athletes who appear on our doorstep then you have to ask is the Staff capable of developing them? Lets think about the NFL Draft recently. Not so good there with the exception of Sam Darnold and a few others. Let’s not forget that Sam ran from this program because he felt the staff wasn’t going to get him to a higher level and he had accomplished all he could. That and the fact that those who decided to stay one more year didn’t do so well in the draft after their last year extended..

President Folt made her bed. The fans must decide how to stomach another year of Clay Helton mis management and poor discipline of the game time decisions. True fans are being attacked by the school for not being true fans. Passion drives the heart and soul of a true fan. Expectations should never be lowered. Would President Folt allow 2.0 students in to her dining room for recruitment of her students? Why not? She seems ok with that in her staff selection. Bohn has an odd past just go read how he handled Colorado and was run out of that program. In his own words too as he has been quoted.

As Fight On fades to a low level beacon of hope we have to all decide to maintain support of the players as best we can. They will dwindle over time with names unrecognized until the day that a C Change occurs and that isn’t happening any time soon.

Good luck

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