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USC Football | Anticipation

I’m a child of the ’60s and of course the great music of the ’60s and ’70s. When I think of 2020 and try to not speak about COVID the song anticipation comes to mind. How 70+ schools found a way to play yet our PAC-12 Teams stand ready and waiting for November 7th? Why is this? How did a conference with all the great announcements on rapid testing kits like no other conference come to the party so late? Nerves of sand particles that never firm to diamond strength. How do two conferences announce No football on the same day and then miraculously announce they are coming back and one of them is playing this weekend and our PAC-12 is anticipating November 7th?

That word anticipation is one that causes your blood to boil when it’s apparent it’s unnecessary to be waiting this long. It’s also that euphoric feeling that with each day we get that much closer. So goes the 2020 College Football season for us who will be last to the dance. Let’s hope #GameDay remembers the PAC-12 and shows us some love if and when we return in November.

Fight On

Get your game day picks in soon to be qualified!

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