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USC Football | Career Year

We all love college football.  So many times we see transitional and thus pivotal years on our doorstep.  Coach Clay Helton is but one variable in the quest for a “Career Year”.  We have seniors on the team who stayed to hone their skills and better position their draft prospects while also graduating with a degree at one of the top schools in the world, the University of Southern California.

Joining Coach Helton on the warm to hot seat is J.T. Daniels.  J.T. should be a a senior in high school but he had a vision of where he wanted to be and when and doubled down his senior year and joined the Trojans this summer as the latest in a long list of great QB prospects to enter the field of battle.  Daniels could be the second true freshmen to take the reins of the starting role since Matt Barkley did it.  I can still remember Barkley’s poise in the horseshoe.  What a game that was and what a final drive he managed to perfection.

For Tee Martin he too has to show that he has conquered the doubters who see weakness in the play calling and general struggles in the red-zone.  Martin has always been good to the twenty yard line but something happens to the play calling and offensive power when we get to the promised land.  I for one would love to see the elimination of the no huddle offense.  We gain nothing from this weak version of up tempo offense and look to be in disarray at times as 11 players with hands on hips stare at the sideline while the opposition smiles and thanks Tee Martin for the extra rest and substitution time.

Sorry I couldn’t resist nor can I let this just die.  We need deep change here.  The huddle organizes the offense and defense.  It sets a tone for the Leaders to spirit the team up at times of difficulty and take advantage when things are happening in rhythm.  We lost this somewhere along the line to mimic the Oregon Ducks and Chip Kelly.  Why?  Stanford laughed at it and stayed their course and they turned out pretty good.

So, Coach Helton, J.T. Daniels you have the opportunity of a career right in your hands.  Tee Martin you too can seize the day and change the course of our opponents opinion and preparation once and for all.  Oh and as for the media, put them on notice from game one.  Be physical in practice.  Be physical in November and deliver on Game Day.

Fight On!

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