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USC Football | Depressing News

Hard to imagine a fall without Traveler parading the sidelines score after score. This team and all of the Big 10 and PAC-12 teams were almost there for kickoff. Why they shut it down now is beyond me. Just last night our beloved Gov Newsom announced that COVID-19 cases are abating. The Yo Yo is officially in full swing on emotions. What to do. Dr. Fauci keeps changing his views and thus our minds are whipsawed from trusting the him and his team or God forbid the Media. Anyone cancel there subscription to the paper yet? Why I pay for the San Jose Mercury is beyond my realm of explanation.

When it comes to really peeling back the onion on all of this you have to tip your hat to the schools that tried to be ready as the cases of COVID just were not materializing as most had worried. That’s flat out a great recognition to the Staff’s. They came prepared and did their job and now this! I’m clearly not from the sideline that is happy to see this cancelled. Larry Scott showed his aggressive behavior by hiding behind the Big 10. What a coward. I come from the belief that the kids are safer where they are. If the testing that the PAC-12 was touting is truly as advanced as the articles we are reading in the Mercuriy then what is the problem here. Let the boys play. It’s not too late.

What say all of you?

Fight On

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