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USC Football | Fall Down Get Up

Those that like to quote say that when you get knocked down you get up and fight on. You look forward to the future and not the past. Being able to separate past wrongs with tomorrows rights is eternal to the rebuilding of a brand. Make no mistake, the USC Trojan football team fell down in 2018. The school went through enormous external challenges brought on by internal mistakes inside and outside of the football program. USC is a target but also a symbol that must live up to the highest of standards. The administration to the interns cutting a path to their future are in the public eye and in constant exposure to staying on the right course and not straying from right vs wrong.

It’s the easiest thing to say and the most difficult challenge we all face. Staying the course. What is that anyway? We all define this for what we believe in and how we live our lives and how we trust those we love and respect influence our decisions and our core thinking. The USC Football program and the University itself are under enormous pressure. Self inflicted wounds have surfaced and poor performance in the publics eye enjoyed by the Media at large are variables that can cause enormous movements in the brand itself.

We all make mistakes. We all fall down from time to time it’s part of being human and being able to think through all that we do and are planning to do. The Trojans football program, in short order, will be back in the public eye starting with Fall Camp and then on August 31st they go head to head with a very good football program in Fresno State. Coach Tedford will throw the kitchen sink at this game even though its game one and will expose his own playbook surprises to his own conference foes. This is his bowl game. The Trojans need to get up for this game. They need to take the dirt on their past and make a statement in Game One. It’s that important to the brand. If they phone it in as a non-conference or non-marquee game then the damage to the brand could last the entire season.

The Trojans don’t get a second chance in 2019. In 2019 they must win and win convincingly. The USC Trojans must show up. They must command the full potential of this new offense and rebuilding defense to tell all of College Football that the Trojans are back and looking to battle.

Fight On

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