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USC Football | Generational Hire

Many will say that Pete Carroll was a generational hire for Mike Garrett the AD at USC at the time. They would be wrong. USC was not pursuing Pete Carroll back in those very dark days. Pete had a plan and his plan was the USC Trojan Football program and “Win Forever”. It wasn’t just about football as Pete had a vision. But USC was lucky and they were smart enough to take a chance on a coach with a dream and a vision.

Those Dark Days are back and the Trojan fan base and family are challenged. They want to rise back up to the top. They want it yesterday and the programs ability to attract the very best high school talent depends on the school being at the top. The current head coach, Clay Helton, is done. He has pushed rope up the hill that never works post an amazing run with another generational QB in Sam Darnold. He wasn’t so lucky post Sam’s departure to the NFL. Enough said.

Today, the program has gone out of it’s way to change direction on the hiring of Michael Bohn, as Athletic Director to replace the ineffective Lynn Swann. Mike had an inspirational introduction this past week and several questions were asked of him and President Folt about his span of control and ability to hire whom he chose.. The fans got the answer they sought but will it result in the hiring of that generational head coach? We shall see. Lots of factors are presented to the school right now and the laser beam is clearly on Urban Meyer who is employed today by Fox Sports in Los Angeles. Urban is the candidate. Yes there are other worthy but he is the guy.

Urban Meyer represents immediate change. He will be the 180 degree impact to the Transfer Protocol. He may not be able to swing the recruits on early signing day but if USC does the right thing here and hires Urban then a lot of this won’t matter as you will see a sea of change coming on this worthless commitments. A signature in todays NCAA Football means very little. It’s a joke at best. We have seen it firsthand and now with the potential of getting the Law of Attraction to beam its light on Heritage Hall the USC football program might start to see the No Vacancy on scholarships return with the quality of players we have been chasing under Helton now asking for an invite.

Fight On

Do The Right Thing and Hire Urban Meyer with full control.

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