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USC Football | Here we Go

It’s now a week away plus half a day! The season can’t start soon enough. So much has taken place in the off season that it’s hard to summarize. This team should come out smoking angry with the AP snub at #45 in the nation. Oddly I think this is a fair rating and finally we are starting a post Pete Carroll season without any hype or media expectations. It’s time. This is what this program needed and following last years complete shut down by the team this is their chip on the shoulder. We hear Coach Helton and staff talk about the buy-in by the team that things had to change. We see the hype videos but folks this season is all bout the great state of Missouri.


Trojans need to come out of the tunnel out of their minds. They need to rock the coliseum to its core. Even those interesting shaded seats. Rock the fans to a point where all the pains of 2018 are once and for all forgotten. I know this won’t let people forget entirely (myself included) but looking forward never hurt you neck. Swiveling back and forth in in history and today let alone the future snaps the neck. Look forward don’t look backward as we can’t do anything about history. This team needs to have that AP #45 ranking pasted in their helmets. Losers. No one cares about you. Well hell, show them Trojan Pride is still in this program. Go out and battle on for you shall Fight On.

This team needs to go back to the glory days of college football. They need that fire in the belly and stop talking about it and punish Fresno State and stare down BYU and Stanford and let them know they are next. This team needs to get ugly and fast. JT Daniels has an amazing opportunity. If he can Lead this team and guid this team to where it needs to be mentally and deliver they have the talent. Whether this staff can develop players won’t be known for some time. But by Stanford this team will have it’s season in front of it and on the line. Tough schedules are exactly what this program needed. Whether you support Clay Helton or not he is the head coach. He is the one who will get all the blame and none of the praise. One and done for him this year regardless of contract. That’s what he is playing for.

Former players need to get to the Coliseum and get involved and be there for the players, staff and families. This is going to be one of the most important season in USC Football history. Period. If they turn this around and develop a physicality unseen under Clay Helton then the Alabama game might actually be an interesting head to head. Lot’s to prove and little time to make it all come together. I still have that bad taste in my mouth over the winnable Notre Dame game and that called in sick effort against UCLA. Coaching matters. Coach this team back Helton.

Fight On

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