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USC Football | Interesting Times

Very interesting times at the University of Southern California these days. Spring is in the air and yet we have delays due to the weather? Let’s get physical suddenly seems to have that old Clay softness to it. If you really walk the talk of changing the culture to a hard nose physical football program well why shy away from weather related elements? Was the field an issue? If so, why? Will the 2020 season not allow games due to weather related issues other than lightning ? Just asking.

This coaching staff has the ball. They can begin to bring the fans and the media back to Heritage Hall. AD Bohn has opened the spring practices to the public and thats a big first step. No idea what will be allowed and for how long in the fall camp. But it’s a start none the less. They need to back up their hype and prove it to the fans and media that they are serous about competing.

What’s everyone thinking about the Big 12 possibly taking the TOP 4 of the PAC-12 to their fan base? Larry Scott would be toast. Quite frankly, this is a great opportunity in my opinion as the PAC-12 will have a hard time drawing from the Big 12 but the opposite is very interesting and would love your thoughts. The once proud Pac-12 conference has been torn apart and cast aside from a management perspective. Paralleling the take down by NCAA and USC Administration dismantling the Trojan Football program during the same tenure. It’s time for change. AD Bohn said “Everything is on the table” I say take the offer and get to the Big-12 if offered. Form a new power in college football with a sixteen strong Big 16.

Fight On

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