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USC Football | Is this team ready

Talk about a season and a year where the hashtag going viral is #2020ImDoneWithIt. How does a team that has an amazing talented looking roster and a coach on the hot seat get ready as a team? How do they lock all of the COVID-19 constant pressure move to the side and allow these athletes to get their mind and body’s ready for the gridiron? Is this coach the faltering leader of recent memory or has he figured all of this out and assembled the type of staff that can carry the weight of what should be Clay Helton’s final season or the biggest surprise in coaching history?

Time will tell if this team is ready. Time will tell if the decision to hang in there with Helton by AD Mike Bohn was the right decision to make. Clay. Helton has a sample size of six games plus one (assuming) in a near perfect schedule to succeed. He has it all as usual. But what is failure? We know that Helton is measured differently by those who matter in Heritage Hall and the ivory tower. We have seen that failure has excuses and time is our friend support of his obvious challenges.

The 2020 season will be divided. The Trojans on paper look to be a strong contender for the playoffs. Here we go again. But the wisdom of Larry Scott and the PAC-12 Presidents to only play 6 games plus a championship could leave the winner of the Pac-12 with a kiss on the cheek. This was one of the worst managed decisions as compared to the rest of college football period. Larry wasn’t alone but he could have just kept it wondering while the combination of “science” found a way to play. Science has yet to solve anything. Better testing is not treating anything and will only provide a non-herd solution which helps but clearly not a solution long term. That does not exist in science.

The schedules are now set. The conference is eyeing first week of November if all goes well and no room for error. No soft Saturdays. Maybe Larry will play Thursday’s if needed. Just thinking out loud there. November 7th cannot come soon enough and everyone needs to get in on Game Day! Click the menu above. Make sure you are registered. Prize money will be paid out if the season finishes in total (6 games).

Fight On!

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