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USC Football | It’s Time

There are many phases to organizations over time. Many sports programs get to that elite level over time and then fall off that cliff and are seen scratching their heads in the media trying to figure out what happened. Sports is no different that a business venture. Good business ventures make changes when things are going well. They develop internally and are less dependent of outside influences. When you look at the successful programs around the NCAA one thing is very obvious. They are developing success and they are losing more good talent than anyone in the country. It happens but these leaders no it will happen. In fact, if you really tear it down its their very success that breeds their losses.

What does that mean? It means that they hire good people. More importantly the develop who they hire and promote from within. Are they 100% internal only? Of course not. Alabama and Clemson are great examples. They lose more people every year because they are desired. They are sound. They win football games with sound evidence of how it’s done. It isn’t a surprise when they appear in the offseason with announcements of an assistant coach or an AD leaving for another school or the NFL. It happens but its never a surprise to them as they are ready.

Next Man up is something we hear when players are sadly injured and cannot continue. We see it every game. JT Daniels goes down and Kedon Slovis comes in. In coaching this happens typically in the offseason but the programs they are departing rarely skip a beat if they are developing their coaches as they develop their staff. This is what truly separates the really good programs from the dynasties over time. Its not an accident.

Universities spend millions on the sports programs. They get good returns as well. But to maintain elite status they have to invest in core values and training for their staff’s. This is all integrated in the schools that show up as contenders for the seat at the table for the playoffs today in the NCAA. People get tired of seeing them but until more programs understand the true value of developing staff as well as talent (in that order) they will always be pointing a finger at the media as the culprit when in fact their beloved school is still trying to figure it out.

Fight On Trojans

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