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USC Football | Let The Games Begin

Let the games begin, please! Feels like forever and we are all grateful to see COVID-19 start to move to the background. Still questions there but hey we are starting to see the curtain open state by state. In California, Gov Newsom was on quite the rocket ship ride in popularity for his bold moves to stem the virus from spreading in the State. Seemed to work too as compared to what the news was reporting in other less fortunate states. Truth is we will never really know as no one can trust any media outlet anymore. Sad commentary on where our world has moved when it comes to fact based reporting. What say you Journalism Schools of America and the World for that matter?

With the curtain easing open now we will start to get that positive vibe that the world is slowly but surely coming back to a new state of normal. Science has been working its way through the real answer which could be in the form of a vaccine (long term) and/or therapeutic solution near term. Both are heading in what appears to be a positive direction.

USC Football is poised to get back on that field and get back in focus which is never easy when a crisis is at foot. Getting back to their norms and the staff gearing up to get ready for Arlington on schedule and on time. This game is critical for Coach Helton and the team. Alabama is legit as we all know. Doesn’t matter how many players they export to the NFL each year they come prepared they show up and they take care of business. Sounds familiar to some who have followed the Trojans over the years during those amazing teams of the past. This is all about having a sustainable program and not just a good team who had a great year. Talk to me over the years. Show me that this isn’t Hype version 10 in 2020 and 2021 and beyond. Then lets talk about legitimacy.

Coach Helton needs the Alabama game to take place. He needs to show that this team can prepare. That this team can develop and that this Team can Compete. Tall order for a coach who has been under fire. So what’s different this time? For starters he has a good looking staff based on their backgrounds and results to date in recruiting this is a staff that knows how to get it done. Of course, we have one day of a real practice under their belts so no way to know if great recruiting translates in to great development and preparedness but something tells me we should see some strong steps in the right direction with them and this team.

Let the games begin for the players the fans and our great nation. Sports have always been that comfort food that many crave that tells all will be back to normal soon.

Fight On to Arlington and beyond

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