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USC Football | One week closer

November 7th cannot come soon enough for anyone following the Trojans and the PAC-12. We can only hope that our beloved conference leadership can navigate this pandemic successfully as so many other conferences and their schools are working through. It won’t be perfect it won’t be a massive failure but it needs to be able to challenge this period of time with moving forward and now. So many counties are suffering unheard-of mental illness caused by many variables that are as a consequence of this aggressive virus. The PAC-12 has not shown that it has any backbone on staying the course and like our Governor (Newsom) they react fast to the slightest hiccups and travel slowly towards re-opening or progress in general.

The games over the weekend were interesting at best. The SEC is clearly vulnerable. Coach O is human again and is suffering from a roster that was loaded for 12 months and now faces the challenge of the next leader at QB. Losing is not allowed at LSU. Let’s hope all the publicity he has received from the football world to the Sixty Minutes former journalism weekly has given him. He has earned the right to have a tough year and given the situation, we are being dealt with COVID=19 this has greatly hurt the ability of a personality of a Coach O to be able to succeed with his one on one approach to Family and Football.

The Big 12 took a big hit this weekend as the two diamonds (past tense) took off with a dud in Texas and Oklahoma. They battled in a defensive struggle (LOL) with a 3OT victory by the Sooners at the Red River Classic. Defense anyone? Anywhere? Clemson continues to remind us they are home and alone. They dished the U a defeat of huge magnitude by toying with the #7 team and tossing them back to Florida. Next?

Notre Dame looks interesting but untested. As we look at all of these games they are all operating at a level of Fall Camp readiness. They are learning live on the gridiron where it matters and counts so no mistakes allowed and mistakes are the one common occurrence period.

So this round about way leads me back to the Luckiest Guy in the ranks of Head Coaching. Clay Lucky Helton. Clay benefited from this pandemic like no other coach. He tossed, Alabama and Notre Dame away. No way these penciled losses “pre-season polls” would have helped him to keep his job in tact. Now you look at an all PAC-12 South schedule and scratch your head. He could run the table and face what everyone is presuming is a Northern Champ in Oregon. Not to second guess luck but Clay might pull off yet another extension and while he seems like a nice person he is not USC Football. We have seen his body of work and its not at the level of the top programs in the Power 5 schools.

Fight On!

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