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While he probably would not take any credit for this, Mike Bohn is working tirelessly behind the scenes and on the front lines to get this program back on its feet. He continues to look at the program Rising versus being stuck in the most recent past of the last 9-10 years as most of us are comparing to. This is finally looking like a program gaining stability. Whether you are all-in or not the momentum we are seeing in Basketball and Football recruiting is making a turn. Bohn is involved in the daily PAC-12 calls with his peers and Larry Scott. In his very short tenure, to-date, Mike Bohn has done more to improve the athletic program than Swann had done in his entire time with USC Athletics.

I’m being very deliberate in trying not to just focus on Football here. Bohn is taking a ship that was taking on water and has been able to bring it back online and reinvent the tone around the program and create momentum in multiple areas most notably Football and Basketball. No one knows today whether there will be a season but this program is rising in my opinion for what that is worth and that is notable. Nice work AD Bohn.

We are all suffering through this shelter-in-place period. It will end. We will get back on our feet as a Country and the global population. This was the flu at the end of the day and although, a very aggressive flu, like few we have seen it is a flu and the world has been working long and hard hours, days and weeks to figure this out. We will all benefit soon from all of this tireless work. What I have found, is that the recruits are figuring out new and unique ways to try and get their skills noticed. This past weekend (see previous post) I was contacted by a Calabasas High School senior who I have never met. He conducted himself as a mature 18-year-old and was looking for ideas on how to use this time to try and get his career films as a Kicker and Punter in front of some key programs. He was so impactful in our early chats that I took the leap and looked at film links and it didn’t take long for me to see that this is a young man with a future in D-1. I have sent his background to several Special Teams coaches and several have seen his film now and are looking at ways to work through this period and hope that as things normalize that maybe they can get a camp or two in this summer and have a real face-to-face try out. Wouldnt that be exciting to see.

I’m not one to say the season is lost. I still believe there will be a way to make this all happen with an extended Fall Camp perhaps but a season is still a real possibility and we need to stay positive until told otherwise. At least I feel that way. In the old days, we only had Fall Camp then a season. Perhaps if that is what happens here we might learn things about player burn out and the physical toll it takes on the body when you have year-round football. Just a thought.

Stay safe and sane out there everyone and thanks for the emails. I try to get back to all of you and I just happen to have a lot of time now and NO excuses if you have comments (leave them here) or email me at

Fight On!

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