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USC Football | the Con Exposed

The new administration walked their talk for weeks. President Folt took care of an obvious issue in removing Lynn Swan and then brought on a Tier 2 AD in Mike Bohn from his odd path to a program like USC. See his stay or shall I say exit at Colorado. Leaves pause. But let’s go back to the past few weeks post the hiring of this clever new AD.

He came in like the hero off the flight deck. Dove into the handshaking and high-five even got old slick Clay to change his Fight On to his Fight On To Victory. You see Clay doesn’t really seek Victory so a bit difficult for him to do that on his own but he adapts. Nine lives Clay that’s for sure. Mike went around to all levels and drew immediate applause as he replaced a reclusive AD in Lynn Swan. He played the right notes on his little fiddle he hid from the press. Folt played the role of a puppet queen master and laid low so as not to create any sense of concern. These two non-winners chose a path of silence while they built their master plan to fix the football program by….wait for it ……doing absolutely nothing. In fact, shame on Bohn and Folt for not telling Clay Helton right away so he and his family could enjoy Thanksgiving. Mike Bohn, you are evil and obviously put this man through unnecessary emotional stress. He should sue the school just on that basis. You (Bohn) did note that no real search took place and you had your loser picked out from the beginning so why did you stress the Coach and Fans unnecessarily? This is who you are. You own this. Clay is no longer at fault as he has been very open about his lack of experience at this level of the sport. Nothing is hidden from Clay but you sir are on the clock. You sir have an entire fan base, ok only 95% of it, looking for your resignation as this will end ugly for the 2020 season starting where Clay has already failed in Arlington Texas.

You and Folt are frauds. You do not care about the fans nor the donors who you need. Sad as you turn the flame of the Coliseum forever dark to save money remember what you could have done so easily with this undeveloped talent. Clay has you right where he wants you. We have seen this before.

Goodby Fight On and Hello to Participation Ribbon University formally the USC Trojans.

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