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USC Football Uncertainty

How fast a once proud football program has fallen.  The uncertainty surrounding the USC Football program is rising by the tweet.  Fake news?  Competition out there creating waves of uncertainty within the college football world?  Hard to say really as the internet provides a wave of such news fake or not.  Reactive fanbases seeking answers want instant updates. In the case of the USC program you have so many issues right now that are both within the football program but also the school itself.  Everywhere you look there is an Intern or Interim tag on the Leaders of departments once operating as smooth as a race horse in it’s back stretch.

The Trojans fan base wants information.  Answers would be great but given the circus atmosphere that is Heritage Hall and the Board of Trustees, BOT, it’s almost impossible to know where that information will come from let alone whether or not it will be accurate.  Families of players on campus and considering USC Football are scratching their head as Rookie AD Lynn Swann puts his head in the sand and hides from the public.

With uncertainty in leadership and communication comes chaos.  When you have chaos you will see and we are seeing the competition reach deep within the assets of the program and pluck those athletes and their families away from the uncertainty.  Fake news or not no news is a YELLOW LIGHT.  In business and in practice YELLOW LIGHTS kill.  They are pause buttons that force decisions to be made out of assumptions.  When you assume well you know the rest of the story.

The Universities of Miami and Texas are great examples of the power of the relatively new Transfer Protocol free agency of college football.  They are taking full advantage of these times at Heritage Hall and making it very appealing to attract the stars of the future at the USC football program to depart willingly and easily.  The program needs to hit bottom yet the bottom is not defined well right now as NO communication is coming from the AD or Head Coach.  Clay Helton has completely disengaged.  He has the most to lose as head coach yet no comment and no visibility tells the team and the families of those athletes that chaos is acceptable at USC.  He owns this with Lynn Swann and yet both of these individuals sit quietly and appear happy with what is going on from Kliff Kingsbury princess bride tenure of 34 days to players signing and departing.

Fight On!

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