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USC Football | We know nothing

s The NBA figured it out but smaller sized logistics for basketball which means there might be hope for College Hoops this year? Well how does a year with out Football impact all other sports? Conferences around the country are wrestling with this daily. Sad to think that this is a daily issue but thats how the country is managing it within each State and down to the counties and city government. Follow the science well which science do we follow?

I am of the belief that the statistics on the news are impossible to trust. They are politically fueled and waste no time to jump on the left or mostly the right to demonize one party over the other. We could turn this blog in to many things but I want to keep this on USC Football and all that impacts the current and future state of the program.

When’s the last time we heard from Mike Bohn or Clay Helton? Seems like ages ago they were pumping out updates daily. I agree that it was too much constant information and creating less trust due to the changing landscape of the nation and NCAA down the PAC-12. The PAC-12 is a sorry sight of a conference to begin with without COVID-19. Larry the leisure suit has botched one move after another and is starring at a once proud conference on welfare stamps. The PAC-12 needs change. This is a certainty. Without Larry being replaced I see no future for the conferences ability to compete against the other Power 5 schools.

If there was ever a time for the Trojans to say goodbye to the PAC-12 it would be now. Alignment changes are ripe for the moment. In fact, I’d argue overdue. The PAC-12 is not participating in any attractive moves right now and must look in the mirror quickly to make the leadership moves or face de-evolution and eventually disappear from the likes of the POWER 5 alignment. With the right Leader they can unwind the mistakes of the Larry reign and become a powerhouse once again. It’s not impossible.

Fight On

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