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USC | Just Win Baby

The coliseum was a late arriving crowd thanks to Larry Scott’s decision to put one of the best games of the year on Friday Night. Since when is Friday Night not a time for our families to go watch local High School games? What a shame the Pac-12 Commissioner is so clueless on tradition. On the topic of Tradition, Just Win Baby. The late great Al Davis of the Oakland Raiders said it every day. Last night the USC Trojans mirrored that to a tee. Wasn’t pretty but then at times it was. At times it was flash back to years of yesterday. Then it wasn’t. Too often this team under Clay Helton has teased the fans with what’s possible. Well, they just took control out of the #10 team in the Country, Utah. They have the keys to a shinny car now and can this staff figure out how to capture this lightning and bottle it up one game at a time.

If we had the answers to the above we could make a lot of money in Vegas or online I suppose these days. The USC fanbase is giddy right now but cautious. The kids will have a great day today and wonder about the next game against the Washington Huskies but for this day and last night it was all about Just Win Baby.. They didn’t always look pretty but they performed at a different gear than the previous games. They made big stops and brought down huge offensive plays when needed. They lost yet another starting QB only to have another step up in Matt Fink and boy did he step up. Graham Harrell appeared at the press conference and didn’t really change his views at all. His 3rd string quarterback came in and the alignment was an empty backfield on play number one. Boom. A new star is born or was a new star just waiting his turn patiently? Let’s not forget that the coaches have never changed their opinion on the competition this year at the QB position. That first call clearly was in support of that feeling. Can’t take that away from Graham Harrell.

Markese Stepp is coming along. Stephen Carr is being misused as he is outside the tackles and a key special team member. Should be seeing more passes and allowing Carr to use his God given talent in space not inside the tackles with an offensive line showing the splits that we show. Not against teams with a D Line like Utah. Vavae can also be recognized for courage as he was slamming his body in the first half into a wall. But he kept slamming and eventually broke through on key downs to secure the chains and move forward. Not in the stats but in the heart. Markese is so trustworthy on beating the first contact how can you not give him the ball. Last night he showed good vision on the TD and took what was given and made the right cut even though that play was bull forward. He scored. He found a smiling Reggie Bush waiting for him and the Magic was amazing. Thank you Pac-12 Referee crew for acknowledging Reggie with the Yellow Flag. The NCAA needs a White Flag to surrender this ridiculous sanction on Reggie and move on. The NCAA and USC needs access to him as what he did on the field of battle happened. It’s real. It’s a part of history.

To the coaches of USC. Lot’s of film to work on as our O Line gaps are exposing a huge weakness on the running game. Defensively we adjusted in the 2nd half and it was obvious. While the edge is still not figured out the rush did slow down for better containment on a very agile QB but it’s not there yet. Good recognition by the staff there. But we have to step up our tackling in open field and first contact. We get a D for that as so many yards after contact occurred it was creating a false positive for Utah who was gaining more and more optimism on the run game. Fix this. Tackle in practice. Next man up. Let’s go beat the Huskies

Fight On! and Just Win Baby

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