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USC | Kedon Slovis

Well they always like to say “Next Man Up” and Kedon you are that guy. You came in to a very close game and held your own. You didn’t showed good poise and although there were mistakes you didn’t show the aftermath of them. You stayed focused. You worked on your craft while maintaining a very conservative game calling by coach Harrell. Not that we blame the coach but it was not the Air Raid offense and understandably so. So what are you going to do for us on Saturday night for your now first game as a Trojan QB-1 and a Pac-12 game opener versus the Stanford Cardinal?

When J.T. Daniels went down it was quiet in the house. Watching the big screen you could look around the chairs and couches and everyone was holding a beer without drinking. No words spoken. That was a huge tribute to J.T. as it showed how much confidence we had in Daniels and his solid improvement over his true freshmen year. Remember, J.T, had a later start to understanding the T. Martin playbook or was it the Helton’s I digress. Kedon on the other hand is coming in with a good grasp of Graham Harrell’s playbook. It’s simplified. The offensive line is now showing signs of development and opening up the running game. Hoping to see a lot of play action against Stanford as they will be guessing run run run.

Slovis has an enormous task in front of his young career. Its a dream come true for any back up to one day start. Tough circumstances as Kedon himself noted but the opportunity is now in his hands. Steady as you go young man. It’s up to the coaches to call the calming routes and let him build confidence and allow the game to slow down. It won’t happen over night. Never does. Graham has his hands full but there is something special about this young man. Let’s not forget that he was coached by Kurt Warner while in High School and that gives him a different level of confidence and knowledge that most HS QB’s won’t have as an experience. Time will tell.

With Kedon Slovis my glass is half full. I really want to see some testing but feel like that won’t happen until either late in the second half or not at all depending on the Stanford Cardinal and game progressions.

Fight On, Kedon. Beat the Tree’s

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