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USC |McCoy & Steele

The entire norm of the college football landscape is reshaping itself live and right in front of our Twitter feeds. Bru McCory and Chris Steele are potentially ready to commit somewhere again. The word commit again is key as these two prized young athletes have the pick of where they want to play. Free choice and an incredible pool of potential and what happens if they both end up at USC? Imagine McCoy and Steele riding into class at the same location?

The tossed salad taking shape in college football is about as chaotic today as any other time in history. The lightning rod tweets and news conferences announcing “verbal commitments” is becoming dangerously old news and cautious optimism. Can we trust the 140 character tweets of our favorite High School elite athletes to mean anything more than pre-staging their amazing run to greatness? Just this week we saw tweets from freshmen in high school thanking their future schools for letters of greatness and offers of full rides to play football when they get their drivers license. Ninth graders for crying out loud.

I can’t believe Im about to say this in print but I believe it’s time for the NCAA to reign this in. Why is it important for any school to offer a ninth grader, 10th grader or even 11th grader an offer to play on a full ride scholarship? Why? Let them pass their drivers license test and go on their first date for crying out loud. Step up to the chaos NCAA and stop the madness.

Where do we as fans draw the line? What can we really grasp as truth in tweets anymore? This isn‘t even Fake News this is just kids and perhaps their families reaching for that brass ring they have been hearing about as their 8th graders grow up and enter high school. Most of us on our mailing list her are old enough to remember the first cell phone. That 3 minute battery from the “Brick Phone” of Motorola. This insanity in college sports recruiting was unheard of. Or was it? Was it Twitter that exposed what was truly hapening and its just more obvious now?

So, back to the story of McCoy and Steele. These kids can launch a 2-3 turnaround for most programs seeking that elite Top 20 positioning and perhaps a Top 10 and shot at the NCAA Championship playoffs. They have that type of potential physically and mentally. What happens next is anyones guess but when it happens does it stick?

Fight ON

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