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USC On Deck | Oregon State Beavers

To say it has been a wild ride this week is an understatement.  The Trojans biggest challenge this week will be staying focused on the game at hand.  The Oregon State Beavers are on deck.  They are hosting the Trojans in Beaverton Oregon this weekend.  Rain is forecast and rain hangs over the heads of the proud Trojan tradition. They are clearly at a difficult juncture in the season and in general.  Gone is Neil Calloway as Offensive Line coach.  Removed but not gone is Tee Martin from calling the offensive plays.  He will now focus on the receivers and consult to the new play caller, Head Coach Clay Helton.

So, what should we expect from the Beavers?  They are riding on in recent weeks as the program beat the Colorado Buffalos in OT last weekend.  How good are they?  Well their season would tell you that their offense is there but their defense is no where to be found.  So, they sound like a team that will stay close but have no ability to stop anyone.  The Trojans are complex.  Heads are down and the staff is wondering if anything coming out of the head coach Helton or administration means anything.  There were lies told on Sunday that were erased on Monday.  Trust is broken.  This impacts any team and has brought the once proud Trojans to a point where they must choose as individuals whether or not they can focus on the OSU Beavers in time for Saturday.

The Trojans saw a good performance from Jack Sears last Saturday as he started in place of JT Daniels and Matt Fink both out due to injuries.  While JT had not taken any physical hits as of Tuesday this week Coach Helton has announced he is doing good and would retain QB-1 status on his return most likely Saturday.  Good decision or bad this is not a decision that comes easily.  Sears is a potential strong candidate period.  He was looking good in summer only to be sent back to the bench behind Fink and JT.  Today in the wake of what we have seen Jack Sears may be a better QB for this years Trojans while JT stands down and lets the game come to him.  Saban did this with Tua as we all saw and that sure looks like it paid dividends to his confidence and maturation at QB.

If Oregon State was ever going to take one from the Trojans its this game.  They are ripe for a loss in bad weather on top of the state of the program.  While I don’t place CFB bets if I did I would take the Beavers this Saturday as they prepare their team to beat this confused state of affairs in Los Angeles.

Fight On

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