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USC | Shifting Gears

The 2019 edition of the USC Trojans has had many twists and turns. Setbacks to amazing announcements and then smacks to the ego when announcements turn in to unforseen change like the Kliff Kingsbury episode. This team is loaded with talent. This team has an overhauled staff that has the backgrounds and the potential to bring a new Trojan ERA in to the light.

The Clay Helton era has been like a wild roller coaster. Amazing ups and disappointing downs. An offensive scheme that could go 0-60 in under 5 seconds but would find a way inside the 20 to challenge itself not the opposition. Play calling being the number one culprit. With the start of spring camp 2019, there was audible change. Lots of new faces to get to know and a staff that was heads down trying to stay out of the limelight while they built their presence via their actions. The players appear to have bought in. Many are taking their new direction with a chip on their shoulders (which they should after a 5-7 season) and that should bear fruit this Fall and season. All we have is 15 days of spring camp to judge and anyone that goes either direction on assumptions well thats for them to deal with. Attitudes were definitely positive and all the bad news post Kingsbury were settling down.

Today we have the Transfer Protocol in reverse gear. Things are getting back to the days of USC being a destination school. The staff has shifted gears and now with the spring camp behind them and summer camp with the player run practices days away we can start shifting gears to looking at the roster and aligning the seasonal challenges to the skill available. The roster wont be an inssue as the Transfer Protocol has begun to shift gears itself and become more of a beacon of attraction to the Trojans. From Bru McCoy coming home to Christopher Steele leaving Florida stopping in Oregon and joining his new mates this could be a very exciting summer aligning for the season. One last bit of news but equally as important is Matt Fink has announced he is returning to the Trojans and has exited the protocol.

So looking back and scratching your head the Trojans appear to be heading in a good path of staff and talent. Will this be the year Clay Helton rises up and not only talks the walk but walks the walk post Sam Darnold? It better be.

Fight On

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