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USC & Staff Face A Real Test in CAL

The Trojans seem to be up against the end of a season every week.  They put themselves in the position so as they say they must find a way out of this. The game against the Beavers of Oregon State was a good step offensively but defensively we didn’t shut it all down when we should have.  Played well but not Top 10 status where the other team seeks the exit in the first half and never comes out in the second half.  The good ole days of fierce hitting and that field presence that tells the other team, not here not tonight.

The Cal Bears are an interesting team of what if.  They have been competitive for the most part and could have had a darn good season if not for well they are Cal and they do find ways to lose when they should win.  Let me rewind that a moment as it sounds like USC for a moment.

Cal will present  a good defense and a real challenge to see if the play calling and the departure of Callaway has any substance to the future.  This test tomorrow will be key in to Notre Dame week.  There are several key PAC-12 match ups to boot and although USC doesn’t deserve to be in the South Championship hunt who else does?  This division is the worst in college football by any comparison.  When you are so low that you still have a chance because the rest of your division is well you then what the heck.  Lace up those cleats and tighten the straps on the helmet and turn your season around.

The Trojans, with a little help from UCLA vs ASU and Oregon takes care of a wounded Utah well gee golly we are two victories away from a South Division championship and a shot at the Cougars in the PAC-12 Championship game.  Pause on that one.  The Pirate gets a second shot at Clay Helton on neutral grass?  Now that’s a ticket for a pregame first row seat to the press conferences.  Will the Bruins care enough to win on the road and well Oregon has the same optics but more at stake on the road in Utah.  I like Oregons chances with the injuries at QB for the Utah Utes.  That one is going to be interesting.  So we have to stare towards the great state of Arizona for help in Tempe with the Bruins playing for uh, oh well it was good to think about the possibilities.

Will Clay Helton stick to the power game if the Cal Bears stuff the run in the first two plays? He tends to panic and go deep forever.  Will Clay allow his QB J.T. Daniels to play in to the game and not try to win the game?  Lot’s of unknowns going in to tomorrow and thank you Larry Scott and the PAC-12 Non Power 5 conference for the 7:30pm game for all our recruits on the East Coast.  Great thinking fearless loser, Larry.  Kid genius you are not.

Fight On, Beat the Bears.

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