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USC Summer Camp | Players Only

Updated: Aug 9, 2021

It’s early in the summer and the USC Summer Camp is in full swing, sort of. The new incoming freshmen are arriving or have arrived and are getting acclimated as we type this article.  This is a big year for the USC Trojan Football program and this coaching staff.  For now, summer camp is player run only and the media is not able to get too close to the action although they do get creative on the roof tops!

While the focus is on those first 3 games of the 2018 season for now there is amazing amount of electricity on this incoming group most notably at the QB position.  The two incumbents, Sears and Fink, can’t help but look over their shoulder and see what is on the doorstep.  J.T. Daniels and his highly recruited wide receiver in Brown are on the verge of hitting the big stage.  Lot’s of pump and and hype right now from many of the media and then we all recall what could have been with this years talent and had Sam Darnold stayed one more year. Ah how we can sit back and think about what might have been.  But what-if we are about to see something even more special than what we had with Sam?  The talent is in McKay center and clearly growing in confidence by the day.  Will Coach Helton and staff let these kids release their God given talent and perform or will we see a Max Brown Two experiment in tenure for no other reason than it’s safe?

I say, if this kid is the future, J.T. Daniels, then let’s make him the present.  Let’s take that dive in to what might be and not look back.  Allow this team to grow with him and he with them.  Don’t play the safe card and make the right move now regardless of what we don’t know.  Risky?  Of course it’s risky.  But to do nothing and rely on a run-first offense will allow our competition to focus very narrowly on a single aspect.  So again, I say why not J.T.?  Kid is smart and the kid has that aura of success all around him.  If we start on day one and make the announcement that for the good of the Team we are going to go big and have Daniels as QB-1 what might that yield?

Fight On!

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