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USC | The Perfect Storm

Only time will tell on exactly who the 2019 USC Trojans are as to contenders or pretenders. One thing is perfectly clear and that is this staff has the perfect storm. The coming together of a bad season in 2018 followed by a divided fan base culminating in a top 5 season schedule. The last point is the key. Nothing else really matters in 2019. Clay Helton and staff know this. Returning players are still having to hear the 5-7 comments in social media. But if ever a program was going to turn it around in totality it;’s this years USC Football team. That tough schedule will silence those who believe this program is stuck in the Helton ERA. If this very talented team raises their bar and takes no prisoners then and only then will they prove that they are who we hoped they were. Winners.

Winners are people who enter the stage presented and know they are the alpha dog in the room. No pun at Fresno States mascot. Teams that have the right leadership and focus can rise above the ashes of the past and reconstruct a once proud and proven program and restore it’s dignity while letting their competition know that there is a new sheriff in town.

How I feel about this years team doesn’t matter. Your opinion is your opinion and that only matters in how you choose to support or divert your attention away from the team. It’s a team that desperately needs it’s fans to believe. But the fanbase will share that this feeling of hype and excitement has happened in the past with mixed to poor results. Its all about tomorrow and with that we should always expect championship caliber efforts from our coaches, players and the schools administration.

So here we are. Monday and the sun has come up yet again on the week before a game one. Exciting to be a Trojan Family member who hopes for the future to look a lot like those glory years of McKay, Robinson and Carroll to name but a few. We have many heroes and today we seek the answers to who’s next? Leaders are born. They arrive at different times in their lives but they know when to take the stage and they know what to do with the reins when presented. JT Daniels has that rare opportunity to rise up to the challenge of being that Leader. The staff has entrusted him to lead the offense in an exciting new direction with Graham Harrells Air Raid offense. Doesn’t get any better than this as a fan and loyal Trojan fan. Speaking for myself of course.

The perfect storm is here. Clay Helton can rise from the ashes of 2018 and re-take the role he so cherishes. Win and play on. Win and Fight On.

Good luck Trojans!

Fight On and let the Trojan Marching Band lead the team to victory!

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