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USC | Time To Act

There are many cliches in sports. The one I tend to lean on most is it’s Time to Act. Enough hype stop the media wagons. Strap on the helmets tight and go hit someone. When you hit them make sure they never want to see you again. Then do it again and again. Be smart. Stay within your role and play the game as it was intended. Simple. the KISS principal at work and at it’s finest moment. The USC Trojans are right here. They have enough talent. Decent depth but the time to do something about it is 2019 on the field of play. Take some pride with you to practice and the field each and every week. Don’t worry about anyone but you and your God given talent. Trust in your teammates that they are on the same page as you and guess what. The game slows down and everyone is performing at maximum levels together. The other team? Well let’s just say they want the game to end.

We just went through a fall camp where at the end of it all a QB-1 was selected. A QB-2 was also named and then two loyal Trojans were moved to the 3 and 4 positions with respect o Matt Fink and Jack Sears. Debate this all you want but it’s about the Team and these four kids had plenty of time to separate and I know that there are theories out there that it was already decided and perhaps there is some truth to that but on the field of fall camp this year the coaches decided that JT Daniels was still the right choice to lead the talented Trojan Offense.

Was I surprised at Kedon’s elating to the 2nd position? Yes. But at the same time it sent a message by Graham Harrell that he is in charge and he has selected the player he believes offers the most potential as College Football is violent and JT Daniels will get nicked up and may need to come out. I personally was a Jack Sears fan as QB-1 or 2. Im not 100% sure on what happened there for him to fall to 4 but he did and it’s over. Time to support all four QB’s and their roles.

I want to see more of Graham Harrell and his philosophy on what this Trojan offense is going to show us. Not the competitive information but the cultural aspects. He is starting to do that but I want to see him step up further. Be a leader while he coaches and mentors the QB’s on leadership and the importance of how the command the offense. This is the year and there is no tomorrow for this program. Gone are the legends of the past and the amazing Sam Darnold never bet against him plays. This team is rudderless and thus Leaders must emerge fast. The two weeks post Aug 17th gives JT Daniels the time to begin that building process and earn it from his teammates and execute. He needs to be visible as a coach and manager of the game.

The coaching staff has to show that once and for all they are going to commit to developing these young athletes and elevate their game. Drive them to a height they have never seen in their tenure at USC. This group has a mountain to climb on this topic as over the Helton ERA it was been his weakest skill set. It’s time to act

No more excuses. Cut the Hype videos out. Storm the Tunnel and crush the Fresno State Bulldogs. No substituting in the 4th quarter before there is 8 minutes to go and ahead by 4 TD’s. Crush them. Bury the dogs deep in the LA Coliseum grass.

Fight On it’s time to act.

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