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USC Trojan Football | ASU Sun Devils

This will be the hardest week of practice for the Trojans. Their minds are challenged like no other time in the season as they have now lost their ability to control their destiny. Add to that the obvious pressure on the head coach, Clay Helton, you have a very difficult locker room. Lots of chatter going on and clearly this is the end of the road for one of the games Nice Guys but in over his head being Clay Helton. He understands the expectations and just didn’t have that mentoring to help him take a program like USC to the top. Wasn’t going to happen. Time to move on.

The ASU Sun Devils are up next and they are going to try and press that boot deeper into the Trojans necks. They know the team is all over the map emotionally and they have an opportunity to sink the Trojans deeper. ASU is 5-3 so no slouch regardless and would love to win at home against the Trojans. They have a newly renovated 55,000 seat stadium that should be rocking and rolling Saturday given the Trojans are in town. The fans have not been showing up in support of the team but something tells me this weekend might be different.

Looking at the roster comparisons this one should be a Trojan Victory tour but what we don’t know is the state of the Trojan minds. Their coach is on the ropes and I would argue should not be making this trip with all that is pending and possible. Way too hard on him and the players to focus. The inner circle of President Folt needs to step up yet again with an announcement on their AD search followed up by a big announcement on their head coach moves. The media and fans are chattering that this is an Urban Meyer or bust move. Crickets in Heritage Hall but that can change when they announce the AD and hopefully today or tomorrow. That will allow for the next move to take shape.

There is so much going on right now from the Staff to the injuries and general attitude of the program. This can all be fixed and in time turned around. Choose the right combination of AD/HC and life is a beautiful thing for Trojan Fans. Do something plain vanilla and watch out as those fans in the Coliseum will not be local residents.

Fight On

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