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USC Trojan Football | BYU Cougars

Fresh off a very impressive win over rival Stanford the Trojans will make their first travel game this Saturday night in Provo Utah. The Trojans will face the BYU Cougars who this past weekend stunned (not sure how stunned I am) the home team in Rocky Top. The VOLS will not forget the final minute of regulation and Zach Wilson of BYU. Kid was lights out and fearless. He is going to be a handful for the Trojans and BYU prides itself at the QB position building on their own rich history of success there.

As the Trojans get into BYU week they have a lot to feel good about but they could (on defense) be facing a more mobile athlete in Wilson versus Stanford’s QB. They need to solve the edge when a scrambling QB is calling the signals and we need to see this addressed going to Provo I would take a look back at Fresno States tape a bit if I were Clancy.

Thoughts on USC’s freshman quarterback

Head Coach Kalani Sitake:

Kedon Slovis, he’s an impressive kid with good composure. I watched him last night on film. He’s poised and made some really tough throws. Obviously, he’s very effective. I think he went 28 for 33 and 377 yards. He has some really good weapons around him but I think he showed some really good maturity and poise in the pocket and was able to throw the ball with good timing.

Can you imagine trying to get a read on Kedon Slovis if you were BYU’s DC? Head Coach has a few days to look at tape of Stanford but that’s about it. Not a lot of film on this one as Graham Harrells’ offense is so dynamic that it recreates itself on each down. Sure there are hot reads and designated T1 targets but this is a collection of WR’s and RB’s to along with a rising strength at TE that love to take on the athleticism that they are blessed with and as Kedon gets his timing down with each unique role player its only going to get better and tougher on the DB’s and LB’s.

Defensive Lineman Khyiris Tonga On how the defensive line can progress from here I feel like we’ve been improving from Utah to Tennessee. For me, there’s still a lot to learn from and to grow as a defensive line. That’s good for us. Hopefully, we can continue to improve and get better each day in practice. On his thoughts regarding USC’s freshman quarterback Kedon Slovis think we’re going to go more in depth today. I starting watching film on the way home from Tennessee. I was watching the game and he’s a good quarterback. It’s going to be fun. The offensive line is very good and the receivers are great. It’ll be a good test for us. USC, in my head, is a powerhouse. Everything that they do is good On how the team keeps their morale up We just tell our offense that we know they are going to pull through. If it’s going to be in the third quarter or the fourth quarter, we’ll keep our end of the bargain. We have high hopes that the offense will do their part.

Saturday game being a road game marks the first travel date of the year as we enter week 3. Lots of things that you talk about and rehearse will be tested for the first time. Helton and staff are well practiced here and this should not be a big lift but as the saying goes be ready for anything. Weather should be perfect

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