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USC TROJAN Football | to be or not to be

Well, you talk about a wild build-up and a complete flop in what the expectations set by AD Bohn were. This NSD season was the most difficult to swallow as a devout USC Trojan football fan. The shambles of being last in the PAC-12 on the overall NSD rankings are sadly unacceptable. The fans are not happy. Those who see no sense in venting are trying to find that silver lining. All fans welcome the kids who stood up and saw the opportunity with a storied football history. They are going to get the fans full support whether or not you are angry or suppressing your true feelings for the good of the team. Bohn remains a mystery after all his Yahoo build up and devotion to coach Helton. He has been silenced most likely by Carol Folt, President of USC.

So what’s really going on. The Board of Trustees (BOT) is deadly silent. Has the new President launched a complete decapitation of the once-proud football team? Are there so many other more serious issues that one day we will learn that something else happened here and all our anger really didn’t matter? Lawsuits tend to be a tad bit onerous when the public begins to get pieces of evidence by our beloved media. Most recently the name Patrick Haden has had his name pop up as a potential subject of interest in the financial “Varsity Blues” scandal that is all over the media coast to coast. I don’t think he is the last of the big names to be drawn into this sinking ship either.

Fans are taking sides. No side is happy with the past 2+ years (Post Sam) of Clay Helton and the administration. The fan base is clearly divided on how to show their disappointment. One side is clearly accusing the other of sabotaging this years NSD. Really? While I do believe that negative angry comments do not help the cause it did nothing to change the outcome. But this is a fact. The fans are taking sides on who is a fan? This is what takes populations and widens the divide and pushes the real issues into a unique position whereby they benefit from the conflict. Clay Helton is well paid. Some say a really nice guy. I can’t comment one way or another personally. But as a leader of a top tier once elite football program he lacks that ability to understand and drive cultural change. He desperately wants to be loved by his players and states this all too often. He becomes his own worst enemy but doesn’t understand the depth of the problem to try and right this ship. Clay would have found the ice for the Titanic Cruise disaster alluring and stunning.

So, what can be done? In my opinion, Carol Folt is taking a position and playing football as a low tier concern. Let it take care of itself while she and the legal team sort through all the issues that the school is struggling with. If that is the case and I believe it is, then State this President Folt. Come out and tell the fan base and media that Football is being placed on a back burner. Build trust through open transparency. That is the first step. But a step that is sadly missing in her attempt to show leadership.

I welcome your comments below.

Fight On

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