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USC Trojan Football | Will They or Won’t They

The USC Trojans will take to the 2018 fall camp in a matter of days.  We all sit here wondering if this team that is not being heralded as a playoff seat before the opening kickoff will matter when it comes to the table for four and the prize.  The end of the rainbow the magic castle has always been elusive to programs that fall from grace and attempt to rise above it all and take that seat at the table for four.  So, you say, why this year?  What makes this team any more capable than the previous nine or ten teams before it?

This one lacks a QB-1.  This team has a coach who has only gone back to back with ten wins each yet many believe he will lack the guts to start a red-shirt senior in high school.  So there it is.  This team is deep.  This years Trojans could possess one of the deepest benches and skilled depth as any before it.  Just maybe if this coaching staff has the guts to do the right thing and start J.T. Daniels on day one will this team have a shot at greatness.  This kid is special.  This kid has that IT factor without even taking his first snap where an opposing helmet wants to end his season.  He has that look in his eye and is a gifted physically as they come.  But you know what else he brings with him?  One hell of a work ethic.  Family raised this young man well and he is focused, determined and deeply studied.

The depth at running back U is back.  With #7 cleared to play we could see a glimpse of that past when it comes to Thunder and Lightning, Take II.  Ced Ware and Stephen Carr could be that next great duo who punish the inside while streaking down the outside fearing nothing but the rearview mirror.  Well time will tell.  The games must be played and the boys must compete.  The coaches must bring out the Trojan Warrior spirit that has not been seen in a long time coming out of the tunnel.

This years team is not getting the credit it deserves and hopefully the coaching staff will use this as motivation.  In past years, the media loved the Trojans every move.  They taunted the fans with what might be and we ate it up.  We wanted more.  This year we will be back and then we go and struggle against teams we should destroy and lose to programs that do their talking on the field of battle.  The Trojans will go as far as this coaching staff will make the right decisions early in Fall Camp and announce it.  Make the move and let the team get sync’d up.  Let the huddle come back to USC.  No more fast tempo where we end up snapping at five seconds.  Who does that?  We have.  We have to stop.

To the USC staff do the right thing.  Let this very gifted athlete take this team to its new heights.  Will we welcome back the Trojans of yesteryear or will we just start off with a lump of coal and hope a diamond forms?  It’s up to you Clay and Staff.  It’s in your hands.  It’s yours to win……

Fight On!

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