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USC Trojans | Momentum

When you exit a season as the USC Trojans did in 2018 at 5-7 the word momentum is typically not spoken. As history will show, this was truly the case as we exited that dreadful season and entered in to 2019 with potential and questions that needed immediate attention. Perhaps this is where momentum has played its biggest role as we examine the staff to the players development and clearly the uptick in recruiting.

Momentum is a thirsty engine. It seeks continuous progress and hope. It looks for clues to build on yesterday success with tomorrows challenges and aspirational achievements. Well if this isn’t USC Trojan Football in 2019 I’m not sure what would be. The staff was partially rebuilt. Yes, some wanted a complete cupboard tear down but Lynn Swann was clear he was sticking with his coach and the coach better deliver. Clay Helton had the amazing start with the hiring of Kingsbury and the recruits were listenting and talking. Momentum was rearing its smiling face and fast. Then in a months time Kliff Kingsbury took his magic wand and became the head coach of the NFL Arizona Cardinals. Opportunity can swing both ways and now momentum and the doomsday clock was ticking once again on Coach Helton.

But he pulls off yet another big hire in Graham Harrell. A younger version (but not that much) than Kingsbury and what appeared to be much heavier shoes as he’s still here and he is making the offense look very efficient and the kids are responding to the playbook. So far so good. Momentum swings back and that includes several new additions to the coaching staff in the following areas: Gregg Burns (Secondary) Mike Jinks (Running Backs), Aaron Asumus (Strength and Conditioning). These three have brought back that crispness to the development and practice session. There is definitely momentum brewing in Heritage Hall.

So, while Im not sold on Coach Helton at this level of the game he is showing that he can adapt to a different role as the Head Coach but more as a CEO with delegation of authority (we shall see in the red zone) to his staff. His staff must have the ability to fail. The cannot look over their shoulder or this season and this head coach are gone. This staff appears united as we gear up for fall camp and game one with Fresno State.

2019 is the year of Momentum in my opinion. Come out of the gate strong. Ignite the fan base and the world is a much better place for Trojan Nation.

Fight On!

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