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USC Trojans | Time to restore #5

The coliseum is about to reopen. Actually never closed but that’s another story. The final prep and trimmings are finalizing and the home team Trojans are getting ready for fall camp. Does it get any better at this time of the year? Renewal is in the air. The Trojans are coming off a tough year and are refocusing and dedicating 2019 to never looking backward and bringing “Accountability” from the top down, per coach Clay Helton

So given this heightened sensitivity to Trojan footballl and the expectations that the past is truly in the past the new newly renovated coliseum is going to provide an experience like no other why isn’t our beloved athletic director and newly hired president talking about a full restoration? Bring back #5 to his proper seat in the open end of the Coliseum. Place Reggie Bush where all believe he should be. Stand up for the program and don’t look back.

Whether you agree or disagree with the NCAA findings and Pat Haden (former athletic director) and his handling of the situation its in the past. Time to rekindle what actually did happen. Reggie Bush was electric. For those of us that got to witness his amazing God given talent we all saw it. He was the greatest threat in the history of the game to take ever carry or every catch to the end zone. Period. We all felt it. We all knew it and we all witnessed it.

It happened, Lynn. Its time for you to do ONE thing that will right so many moves that we in the fan base are scratching our heads over. I had a boss who when conflicted on a direction with our team would say, “The right thing to do is always the right thing to do”. So Mr. Swann, do the right thing. When the team is packing it in the tunnel to enter the newly renovated Coliseum have Reggie in full gear lead them out. Full Gear. Make a statement and win back the fans and knock the Fresno State team and it’s fans out before the coin flip.

Fight On, Beat the Dawgs.

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